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get ready for your marketing

 to be simple

The Compassionate Marketing™ Collective is where you get uncomplicated marketing strategies, powerful resources, coaching when you need it + daily accountability.


get ready for MARKETING

to be simple

The Compassionate Marketing™ Collective is where you get uncomplicated marketing strategies, powerful resources, coaching when you need it + daily accountability.


"I landed 4 clients yesterday and made my income goal in one day!"

Gabi Diedrich

Shopify Expert

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I’m an expert in simplifying + enhancing what you already do to produce the highest ratio of joy and satisfaction to success.

You don't need more information. You need:

  • To use what you know to create better results
  • A clear path forward that doesn’t exhaust you
  • Simple processes that make marketing feel easy
  • Support when + how you need it

This is where you'll get all that and more.

As soon as you join, you'll start:

  • Attracting more customers to you
  • Overflowing with high-quality content
  • Feeling more focused, energized + free
  • Working smarter + more consistently
  • Selling your offers in feel-good ways

It's $49/month, no commitment.


everything you get as a


Get thousands of dollars-worth of resources, coaching + support for under $2 a day.

marketing trainings

Get uncomplicated trainings proven to create big wins + breakthroughs.

Weekly LIVE Coaching

Raise your hand to ask for coaching and feel inspired by others in the room.


Browse worksheets, templates + other resources in the members-only portal.

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Make friends, collaborate, celebrate, ask for support + track your progress.

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Listen to bite-sized podcast episodes on demand for instant inspiration.

Money-making opportunities

Sign up for passive income programs + hire/get hired by other members.

$49/month, cancel anytime


"This program and Justine are SO helpful. I'm able to get ALL my questions answered and am growing in confidence. Thank you, Justine! Love your group + your program!"

Blythe Neer

Dog Trainer

com·pas·sion·ate mar·ket·ing™

/kəmˈpaSHənət/ /ˈmärkədiNG/

The action of marketing and selling products or services with care + a deep desire to help people at the core of all that you do.


There are 4 components of Compassionate Marketing™

01 Commitment

Knowing what you want and how you plan to achieve it isn’t enough. You need to become the person who’s driven and empowered by the standards and strategies you set for your own business and see them through even when you aren’t held accountable by others.

02 Clarity

Describing exactly what you sell, who it serves, why it’s special, and what its value is creates demand + desire for your offers. This clarity also brings meaning and direction to your actions, keeping you focused and proud of the important steps you’re taking toward your goals.

03 Communication

Sharing what you sell to who it serves in ways that blend logic and emotion is a unique skill – and your key to success with marketing + selling. It’s what keeps people engaged and excited to buy from you and leads them to the exact solution they’re seeking – your offer.

04 Conversion

This is where everything comes together beautifully – when you develop seamless, scalable processes in creative ways that lead to steady sales. Sales which are a direct result of the impact you make through consistent, intentional action rooted in discipline + compassion.


Hi, I'm Justine Beauregard.

I'm a Marketing Strategist + Coach who helps entrepreneurs like you simplify their marketing for good.

I'm known for blending expertise, creativity, strategy + heart to help you to laser in on your best opportunities for success and execute them with calm precision.

I've tested everything I teach to prove it works.

My first few months in business were exhausting. I set a goal of making $3,000 in 3 months and poured all my time, energy, and effort into niching down, branding, social media, and trying to build authority only to end up feeling stuck with $0 in my bank account.

I experienced so much shame and felt like a complete failure.

At that moment, I gave myself a choice between two extremes: give up or give it my all. I went all in and took a lot of little steps – some with a big payoff, others that didn’t pan out at all – and slowly, I made progress.

That year, I grew 1892%.

The best part? I documented everything, so you now have access to the unique processes and solutions I’ve created to get even better results, faster.


How much is it

Costing You to NOT Join?

Think about how much time you spend downloading freebies, Googling things, attending trainings, buying books, and fighting with your own brain about how hard it is to grow a business.

You’ve likely invested more money + time into your business than you think yet still feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed, and alone in so many ways.

I care about your success.

I’m a former DIYer who built my first business to 6-figures the hard way, alone.

When I finally chose to invest in me, I learned how much coaching, expert guidance + a community of peers helps.

It's why I know you'll gain so much more than you give when you join.


Cancel anytime, guaranteed.

"Doing Justine's program on my second launch, I saw 6X growth!"

Ellen Twomey

Tech Expert


If after 30 days, you've consistently put in the work, asked for help + aren't seeing any changes to your business, we'll refund your money.